Indie Songs That Have Been Ruined By Commercials


While there are several songs that call to mind famous scenes from film and television, there are others we just can't disassociate with commercials. You know the ones. It's a rainy Friday night and you're stuck at home watching Arrested Development re-runs. You're about to get some beer from the fridge when suddenly you hear this quirky, catchy-as-hell indie song you've never heard before. And it's for an Apple commercial of all things. You're scrambling for your phone or laptop to Google the lyrics because you've just gotta know who made this song and what it's called ASAP.

And, sometimes, it's a decade-old song you can't even believe is playing on your TV it's just so old. Right now, we're thinking of Goldfrapp's "Ooh La La" revived once more worldwide in ads just released for the iPhone 5s. Blah. So many songs begin and quickly end via advertising. And to pay tribute to that industry's many, many victims we look back at some of the indie songs ruined by commercials.

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