Soulja Boy’s Most Absurdly Extravagant Instagram Photos


Soulja Boy is perhaps hip-hop’s most extravagant enigma. After exploding onto the scene with “Crank Dat,” Soulja Boy continued to steadily release radio-ready material, with songs like “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” and “Turn My Swag On.” But in recent years, Soulja has noticeably put less effort into making hits and more effort into doing whatever he wants—as a result he has kept himself out of the mainstream spotlight. However, if you follow the rapper on Instagram or Vine, it’s clear that this hasn’t kept Soulja Boy from living an extremely extravagant lifestyle. Almost every picture is of his diamond necklace or him counting all his hundos—I mean Soulja lives such an extravagant lifestyle that even when he’s checking out at Target he STILL needs to count all his money. No place is safe from King Soulja’s regal stunting, and for that we will be forever grateful. Take a look at some of his most lavish Instagram photos and prepare to bow down.


  • Your maker

    Get the fuck outta here

  • GOB

    i loled

  • RC

    How the fuck is he still making money? He is an embarassment to everything to do with music and celebrity

  • Mabandu

    // niggas used to buy their families out of slavery now we buy chains and links, smokes and drinks// / They’re paying me to record this, even more if you hear it : Saul Williams – Penny for a Thought

  • bbbb

    too much shit to see…nope aint gona even try

  • Nick

    what ppl don’t understand is that soulja boy is a producer a great one so duh ge will always make money off music he has songs with wayne,nicki minaj, drake, top ppl in this game so it tells you what type of quality of music he can make plus he is still young so he has room to grow

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