Stream London band Hejira’s “TRAUMTAPE”

Image via Hejira on Facebook

Image via Hejira on Facebook

London quartet Hejira has taken an intriguing approach to the mixtape. While some bands make mixes that cover inspiration (mixtapes in the true, old fashioned sense) and other artists (primarily rappers and producers) make mixtapes that incorporate original material along side repurposed tracks. Hejira’s TRAUMTAPE is an inspired take on the later approach, rounding up the assistance of the group’s tour mates from the just completed TRAUMTOUR for a series of original collaborations that showcase the group’s production and writing alongside an eclectic group, showcasing inspiration both new and old, while also creating cohesive new music. Atmospheric hip-hop, soul-oriented house, crackly synth-rock–all sorts of genres jump in the stew, fitting alongside each other nicely and making for an intriguing, unusual listen. Turn it on below and tune out the world for a half hour.

Side A
1. Murky Love: Hejira x The Invisible
2. Hotter Than September: Hejira x =CoN+KwAkE=
3. First Light: Hejira x MAXIXE
4. 5 Rays: Hejira x Hello Skinny
5. Golden Bird: Hejira x Anna Lena

Side B
1. Ritual#1: Hejira x Hejira
2. Silent Disco: Hejira x Tawiah
3. Syra: Hejira x Open Souls
4. Two Moons: Hejira x Hejira

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