There’s a Tumblr Called “Drake’s New Friends” and it’s Hilarious


Image via Tumblr

When we first heard “No New Friends,” we thought Drake was actually done with making new friends. He had all of his “day one niggas” by his side, and he didn’t feel that he needed to extend his friend circle beyond that. And we were fine with that. We were like, “Drake, do you.”

But the thing is, Drake seems like a very naturally friendly guy. Have you seen his smile? It could light up the night sky. No matter how many potential new friends he declines, it just seems like he’d be really good at accepting new people into his life. Well, whoever started this Drake’s New Friends Tumblr has caught Drake in a big fat lie. He’s been making new friends. A bunch of new friends. Drake, you’ve got some explaining to do.

  • penda

    I don’t think anyone will ever be happy as Drake going in for the airplane hug with Justin Bieber

  • penda

    I don’t think anyone will ever be happy as Drake going in for the airplane hug with Justin Bieber

  • some guy


    There’s a whole generation of teenage girls who would

  • Dashing28

    No shots, but I’m pretty sure Drake and Trey Songz have been friends since before he blew up.

    Btw, there’s nothing funnier than the photo of Drake and the ball player from Kentucky.

  • Jay Peay

    The Drake N Lebron Pic MAD FUNNY

  • Steven A. Spliff

    this guy is always cheesin

  • penda

    A whole generation of teenage girls would hug Justin Bieber, but nobody doing anything ever will match the sheer joy in Drake’s face.

  • Firyal Nur Al Hossain

    this is hilarious!

  • Trey

    this dude is having a blast. nonstop

  • Tommy London

    The second paragraph sounds like a rap hahaha

  • Keep It Real or STFU

    That’s one happy mufucka

  • doom dap

    it would appear from these photos, that drake does nothing BUT make new friends lmao

  • RifaG

    TRUTH I take you back to a little diddy called replacement girl. Back whne he was aubrey “drake” graham lol! That ballplayer pic is funny tho he coulda hugged back

  • BasedGod

    the Lebron & Demarcus Cousins pic got me rollin fam lmao

  • Joyce Ng

    Thanks, I’m really good at rapping.

  • Clatchphrases

    One of the reasons I love P&P …articles like this haha

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