Tyler The Creator Calls Out will.i.am For Wasting His Talent Making “Butt Sh*t”


Tyler The Creator took to Twitter earlier today to announce he had made a million dollar bet with will.i.am that, essentially, he would never sell out it the same way as the Black Eyed Peas man has. Tyler then proceeded to call out will.i.am for wasting his creativity on “shit that he hates” as well as criticizing him for suing Pharrell, before assuring the world that his own directing career is only just getting started. While some people will just see this as the Odd Future ringleader being immature, musicians should stand up for artistic integrity if they feel strongly about it, and very few people would argue that Tyler’s criticisms of will.i.am are unfounded.


  • Cactus Joe

    Why is this immature? Because he types in all caps? Live a little.

  • Cactus Joe

    Sick of all the politically correctness. No one wants to piss anyone off

  • aspergers

    Finally someone calls Will.iam out on his bullshit. Tyler is the truth

  • Miko

    Every time I read hit tweets, unconsciously I’m doing this with his voice haha

  • wesawithappen

    I don’t blame Will.I.Am at all for selling out. Nobody gave a f* about any of the Black Eyed Peas records before he decided to say “forget it” and add Fergie to the group, and all the underground respect in the world that he earned as a producer for his BBE records damn sure wasn’t about to pay his bills. So, the man decided to sure things up for his grandkids and get rich!

  • http://twitter.com/#!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    The thing about ‘selling out’ is if you’re genuinely happy doing what’s popular to make money, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. As long as you’re happy, right? But if you switched your whole style up just to pay the bills and you’re miserable, that’s kinda crappy. When will. i .am was with the Black Eyed Peas–before Fergie and with Fergie, he looked like he was having fun doing music. But all his solo attempts, and this future sound stuff, and being a judge on The Voice, and that infamous Entertainment Tonight remix thing, he looks so done with everything.

    It appears that will’s kinda painted himself into a corner trying to blend hip-hop and EDM to the point that even if he wanted to get back to straight up hip-hop or even pop music from a producer aspect, nobody would respect him enough to want his beats and that’s probably what’s most upsetting about selling out. After what’s popular has left you behind, or you grow out of it, you don’t have the respect of your peers anymore to do what you truly loved, and so you’re just kinda stuck doing what makes money.

  • penda

    Jesus will.i.am is even a link on disqus.

  • some guy

    here is a video of will.i.am looking depressed


  • http://barsandtone.bandcamp.com/ Sean Blake

    Will.I.Am has every right to sell out and giving advice is one thing but he can’t tell someone what they will or won’t be doing in ten years whether it’s true or not.

    You have to love Tyler for speaking his mind and not giving a fuck about upsetting anyone or any kind of political bs.

  • Ethos

    The ironic thing is WILL I AM could win two ways, either by Tyler selling out, or by Tyler staying true and going broke, in which case he won’t be able to pay up.

  • justsayin’

    If Will stays relevant and Tyler doesn’t, loses the bet and is too broke to pay will 1 million; he should do a black eyed peas collaboration to get some money.

  • AG

    Fucking Tyler is the man for calling out william blatantly with no regard for shit. Good for him.

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