Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig Reviews Drake’s Album, Gives it Perfect Score

Ever wonder what Vampire Weekend‘s frontman Ezra Koenig thinks of Drake‘s Nothing Was The Same? Of course you did. Lucky for you, today Mr. VW blessed The Talkhouse with a review of the album. Ezra generously gave the album “10 outta 10.” Check out a couple quotes below, and read the whole thing here. Spoiler: there’s not much in there about the Drake album.

On not hearing the whole thing:

I gotta be honest — I didn’t listen to the whole thing. Obviously, it’s good. You think a Canadian child actor would be this successful as a rapper if he wasn’t good? The dude was sitting on 25 mil at age 25! (I would love to see some documentation on that, by the way. I’m not saying he didn’t have 25 mil, I’m just saying some of that was probably real estate and maybe like potential earnings from complicated endorsement deals.) People love him because he’s good! He gets 10 outta 10, OK?

On “Worst Behavior”:

I heard that one called “Worst Behaviour,” the “motherfuckers never loved us” one – it really struck a chord. There are SO many motherfuckers out there.

An out-of-context quote that makes no sense until you read the rest of the review:

I’m starting to get tight so I call Iggy Azalea. (Oh, Iggy Azalea wasn’t around in 2007? Hmm so I guess she was born in 2008? She’s FIVE YEARS OLD? GO FUCK YOURSELF… motherfucker.) She helps me to cool off. She reminds me that touring is tough and Hans is probably overwhelmed. Maybe I should reach out to him.