Audego – “Liar”

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Image via Liars on Soundcloud

An unexpected gem hit the inbox the other day from electronic Melbourne duo Audego. To set the stage, a brief description from the group about the song’s inspiration:

‘Liar’ was written at a time when one of [singer] Big Fella’s close friends was being treated like shit in a relationship and then getting blamed for getting treated like shit. Referencing similar previous experiences of her own, she wrote the main jazzy vocal to ‘Liar’ and set it to old-school vocal harmonies that were largely inspired by Theremin harmonies from the Dumbo soundtrack.

“Liar” is gorgeous, slow, and haunting, a largely vocal arrangement punctuated by echoey, stuttering samples. Surreal and subtly gorgeous, it’s the sort of song that first catches you off guard–that initial jagged sample jumping in unannounced–and reels you in seconds later with its askew beauty. Listen below.