Too Much of a Good Thing: How to Beat Music Fatigue


Now more than ever, there's a lot of new music out there. In the past decade, the Internet has really helped music lovers acquire new music easily and efficiently. This, though, has also hindered our appreciation of music in some ways, because we are constantly bombarded by new music. It pours forth from every orifice of the internet, from the radio, from television, from cars and shops. Music fatigue is a real thing, and it can start to wear you down, stopping you from really enjoying the beauty of this artform. If you're feeling bogged down and overwhelmed, know that you're not alone. Here are some tips on how to alleviate yourself from music fatigue.


  • Mulherin.

    Wow. Really awesome piece, Joyce. There aren’t many people talking about this on their blogs

  • Koala

    Wow. Way to imply that Darth Vader isn’t a monster. As a member of the Jedi, this post offends me.

  • Sean Blake

    I feel sometimes you get to enjoy one artist by first appreciating other artists that bridge the gap for you between what you are used to and the new record. So if it’s a record everyone loves but you can’t wrap your head around it, maybe you need to get there by listening to other stuff.

  • Z

    A big reason for that is that music is mastered too loud nowadays, the mastering engineers compress the songs and make even the soft parts sound loud, this way people can hear it loud enough on bad small speakers. This excessive loudness causes “ear fatigue”, your brain gets tired. Most young people are so used to listen to this loud, compressed music that when they listen to old stuff its not exciting as new stuff, sounds too soft and old for them, that’s why they remaster everything. You notice the difference if you listen to something released until the early 90’s (not remastered, it’s hard to find on the internet). Many people don’t know about that, this article explains everything:

  • TroyBrownTV

    I dig all this new music and all these new mediums for music. I just pick and choose what to listen to. These days I’m more of a fan of the moment than a fan of the artist. I’ll check out the album if the artist makes a strong, consistent impression on me or if I hear a lot of positive feedback about the album.

  • Joyce Ng


  • Clatchphrases

    Im all about this article. Literally went on spotify today and put on a completely different genre then I’m used to listening to and its super refreshing. Great stuff. Def can’t delete the whole library, its taken forever to build that bad boy

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