The Best Neptunes Remixes

Best Pharrell Neptunes Remixes

By Alex Siber

Pharrell Williams has had a fantastically successful 2013, working on "Get Lucky" and "Blurred Lines," not to mention working on albums by artists as varied as Pusha T, Miley Cyrus, Nelly, and Kenna. With all this exposure and attention focussed on Pharrell, there are surely some people who forget that he came up with production partner Chad Hugo as part of The Neptunes, with the duo honing their sound producing for new jack swing pioneer Teddy Riley's artists. Eventually the duo's production crystallized into a "signature" sound which would, during the 2000s, spread far beyond the hip-hop world from which they came.

We previously looked back at the songs that you might have forgotten to thank Pharrell for, focussing on the original beats he produced, but as part of The Neptunes, he and Chad Hugo remixed everyone from Prince to Garbage to The Rolling Stones to Daft Punk. Here are The Neptunes' best remixes.