Feeling Horny? The Best Uses of Horns in Hip-Hop


If Sriracha had an instrumental equivalent, it would be the horn (let's lump all horns in together for a second). Add some to a song and they can brighten up the mix, provide some flare, or subtly increase emotional depth. Add a lot to the recipe and you might only hear horns, but damn who doesn't love an epic brass section? Whether you're using a dab or a whole bottle, so to speak, horns bring excitement, color, and dynamic dimension.

We love hip-hop. We love horns. We love it when producers use horns. Today we're celebrating our favorite uses of horns in hip-hop, from tiny samples to bombastic brass sections (we're looking at you, Kanye). We hope you're feeling as horny as we are (and we hope you don't hold this headline and this sentence against us in the comments).

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  • SDJJ

    how you gonna leave off “can i live”?

  • penda

    i thought this was going to be lots of sexy pictures of trumpets, disappointed.

  • Villa

    where’s “somewhere in america” ?

  • Jon Tanners

    That was the original idea.

  • Andre

    What About Jay-Z – Roc Boys ? I thought it would be #1 actually

  • Joey A. Moniaga

    Where’s “Life’s A Bitch” from the Nas classic, Illmatic & “Can I Live” from Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt…?

  • a guy

    Kanye West / We Major

  • Abomb

    Love the concept of this list. Would’ve added “Blood on the Leaves” and “Can I Live”.

  • Corey

    No Dre? The Watcher? Or The Watcher 2?

  • Corey

    No Dre? The Watcher? Or The Watcher 2?

  • Don

    What about Breakfast by Curren$y?

  • atreides

    It Ain’t Hard To Tell – NaS?????


    Why is Missy Elliott not on this list! Sock It To Me!

  • wal de mar

    this list is just awesome. thank you for that.

  • duffya76

    um … don’t sweat the technique?! i thought the title said “best…hip hop”

  • orlandopoliticsnet

    Great list but “All of the lights” has gotta be 1. When those horns kick off the track, it’s coronation music. It can make anyone feel like a king. http://orlando-politics.com/

  • MIke

    Eminem Without Me lol is that a horn or a sax?

  • Jam

    De La Soul – Stakes is high???
    Otherwise nice

  • Jam

    De La Soul – Stakes is high???
    Otherwise nice

  • banjofan

    I would have thrown a hissy fit if Spottieottie and T.R.O.Y. weren’t on the list. At any rate this is a great list thank you.

  • Matthew Almont

    Where’s Cant Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis?

  • theneedledrap

    TNGHT higher ground

  • Elephent

    Just Blaze for sure.

  • Elephent

    Just Blaze for sure.

  • x97sfinest

    No Chance The Rapper?

  • Jimmothy

    It’s sad that Harder Than You Think by Public Enemy isn’t here but I think it’s a decent use of horns if anyone is interested.

  • Casey

    I’m sorry, but HARDER THAN YOU THINK?!?!

  • Jacob

    thrift shop??

  • Bskylls

    What about Luchini by Camp Lo?

  • Leo Paque

    I only saw this list because I typed ‘hip hop songs with horns’ hopeing I would find a certain song. And there it was, number 6 ‘Get Buck’ by Young Buck. Thank you internet.

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