The Catchiest Indie Songs in Current Rotation


By Confusion & Constant Gardner

In the past, indie music seemed to intentionally avoid being too catchy, but these days the line between underground sensibility and mainstream accessibility is becoming more blurred, and it's a good thing. In the past, if an indie song was too catchy, it risked losing credibility among people who were looking for an alternative to more basic, radio-friendly music. Today, that mentality has died down. Through more experimental production or less obvious songwriting, indie music is finding new ways to be different without avoiding the naturally satisfying pleasure of a big hook or a riff that will get stuck in your head for weeks. Here are some of the catchiest indie songs, from rock to pop and beyond, currently in rotation.

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  • neubski

    This post is great.

  • Azhar Khan

    each one of these songs is so damn great. thanks for sharing!

  • Angel E. Fraden

    really solid list. much thanks

  • Jose Cahue

    Great Songs and definitely do more Soundcloud playlists.

  • Hector Roman

    every single song is great. love the sound cloud playlist

  • Roya

    Playlists are absolutely great, keep doing them!

  • thetune

    Don’t get me wrong, there were some very catchy songs on this list — “Lovit” and
    “Goodbye Sasha” in particular — but seriously, are you so biased that you think every catchy song has to have R&B/soul influences? Take another look at this list. It’s EXTREMELY narrow genre-wise.

    Here are some of the actual catchiest indie songs out there right now, for those who prefer pop, rock, and alternative influences over R&B/soul:

    We the Wild – “Body Electric (Blue)”
    Sleigh Bells – “Young Legends”
    Holy Ghost! – “Okay”
    Temples – “Keep in the Dark”
    Jeremy Neale – “Swing Left”
    Midlake – “The Old and the Young”
    Darkside – “Paper Trails”
    Jagwar Ma – “That Loneliness”
    annddddd every song by St. Lucia

  • zilla

    More playlists! But I still like the write ups you do about each song too! You need a pigeons and plane specific player that lets us play the song while seeing your witty write ups :)

  • Silence Nogood

    there was a playlist at the end all along!! oh well, still enjoyed

  • Jessi

    totally respect that you backed up the criticism with substance, so thanks! will be checking those out.

  • Christopher Roditis

    I love you guys

  • MART


  • cccc

    awesome! you guys should put together spotify playlists of these.

  • Kirin Vas

    Loved this! thanks. I was desperately looking for new music to listen to! <3

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