Childish Gambino Makes a Beat and Freestyles Over It Live For Tim Westwood


The other day, after Childish Gambino tweeted, “and my 4 track looper shorted out. i was gonna do something dope on zane lowe.” This had a lot of people wondering, but now we got this clip from Gambino’s time with Tim Westwood. Taking only a little more than two minutes, he builds a beat with his looper, picks the tempo he likes, and goes in with the freestyle. Watch above, and check out the tracklist to the upcoming Because The Internet here.

(Tim Westwood TV)

  • Lucas Ross

    Good try bino. Good try lol lyrics was dope, beat was ass.

  • penda

    the way they censor nigga is the most irritating thing i’ve ever heard

  • DirtyGlam

    I like him!

  • Kingunseen

    Both were ass but he gets an A for effort and time

  • Pharaohzz

    Made the beat then murdered it, Casey Anthony

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