Dance Music Songs That A Non-Dance Music Fan Will Like


By Constant Gardner

The idea for this post came after yet another argument with Confusion about dance music. It is pretty much the only music related thing that we disagree on, and I just cannot fathom how someone so musically open-minded and with such good taste can dismiss a genre. The thing is, there are songs that even the staunchest non-dance music fan would like, if only they would give them a chance.

But therein lies the problem. They won't give it a chance because of their preconceptions about what exactly dance music is. Maybe they've just heard a couple of techno tracks and think dance music is seven minutes of slowly changing beats, maybe they've only heard Skrillex and think dance music is all aggressive, offensive, painful noise, or maybe they've only heard radio ready "EDM" and think it's all big, corny builds and overdone vocals.

Whatever their preconceptions, here is a genre spanning collection of dance music that a non-dance music fan will like.

This is for you Confusion, and everyone like you.

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