Here’s What Kurt Cobain, Elvis, and Other Dead Rock Stars Might Look Like if They Were Alive Today


Well, this is strangely unsettling. Everyone, at one point or another, has been curious about what dead rock stars would look like if they were still alive. Well, Sachs Media Group recently asked a photo restoration and manipulation company, PhoJoe, to consider the hypothetical, and now we have these images of what Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Elvis, and other rock stars might look like if they were alive today. Weird.



  • jus†in †aylor

    Old Jimi Hendrix is Burnt-out Fredrick Douglass.

  • Michael Charles

    The King lives on forever!

  • egrandhustle

    No Pac? No Buddy Holly? No Lennon?

  • L’Eau-Hic.

    Yeah but did they consider the fact that they might use plastic surgery ? ;)

  • penda

    old Jim Morrison looks like he belongs in the Windowlicker video

  • Kameron

    I don’t understand why this article is getting so much publicity. The image manipulation is very poorly executed.

  • cepere

    Wut? Waddayamean no Lennon?

  • egrandhustle

    John Lennon

  • penda

    john lennon is the third pic

  • egrandhustle

    Isn’t that Keith Moon?

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