Drake’s Strangest and Most Desperate Twitter Followers

When you click on a celebrity’s tweet and see the responses, you’ll notice that most of them are borderline desperate but pretty tame. People ask for follows, express their love and gratitude, and send all kinds of little expressive emojis because they can’t contain their feelings. But a few of those responders, the really weird ones, take things to new levels of social media craziness. As a little experiment, we dug into Drake’s replies and found his strangest and most desperate fans.


  • Sigh.

    Every Top 40 artist has these type of followers and this is literally all they do online.
    Their existence honestly make me lose faith in humanity.

  • themarief

    I agree.

  • Some guy

    Slide 12 is the greatest thing in life

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    Fuck me as I die though…..

  • Don

    “drum my titties like Africans when they find clean water” LMAO

  • C93

    LOL jokes, twitter banter