Eminem ft. Buckshot – “Don’t Front”

Image via Buckshot on Twitter

Image via Buckshot on Twitter

If you aren’t feeling Eminem‘s new album, “Don’t Front” might be what you need. Over the gritty production of Black Moon’s “I Got Cha Opin,” Eminem puts his rap skills on full display, cutting the impersonations, funny voices, and animated melodies and going for some sharp, straightforward rap verses.

The song will appear as a bonus track on the new Eminem/Call of Duty: Ghosts package, which you can get here.


  • http://barsandtone.bandcamp.com/ Sean Blake

    This track is hot. Sounds somewhat like what he was doing on Infinite, both in the production and the flow.

  • Reese

    I thought the exact same when I first heard it! though I think this track shits on infinite lyrically

  • Andy

    Made an account just to let you know you’re a fucking retard for making that comment.

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