Watch Eminem Perform on Saturday Night Live


Eminem‘s new album is streaming in full now and will be officially released on November 5. Tonight he appeared as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live for a pre-album performance, and he brought Rick Rubin and a live band along with him. He performed “Berzerk” and “Survival.”

Eminem brought a lot of energy, but after “Bezerk,” some viewers were accusing him of lip-syncing. Also, a few people didn’t know who Rick Rubin is and they were very confused about why the Duck Dynasty dude was performing with Em.

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 comes out November 5.


  • Joseph

    It probably wasn’t his fault exactly that he was lip syncing. SNL is notorious for having musical guests lip sync. He was actually saying the words, his mic was just lower than the music. They probably dont have the instrumental mastered anymore either.

  • Sean Blake

    Pretty sure that’s how it goes at his live shows too. He just raps over his own records. I never understood why.

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