Your Favorite Artists’ Favorite Artist and Album


Recently, Lorde shed some light on her musical influences by naming her favorite artists for MTV. The list included Grimes, Four Tet, James Blake, Drake, and a few others who influence the young singer. Whether by osmosis or homage, the artists who other musicians count among their favorites—the ones they grew up listening to or respect highly—find a way into their own work. From time to time, Pigeons & Planes offers you music recommendations based on the artists you already like based off sonic similarities, but here we take a look at your favorite artists' favorite artists and/or albums, with the hope that next time you hit play on My Name is My Name, you'll maybe spare a thought for It's a Big Daddy Thing.

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  • Eamonn

    Relapse is Tylers favourite album? Relapse was horrific

  • @MickeyKnox

    Relapse is great lyrically, and has some bangin beats. Now the concept was all over the place. MMLP 2 is also but is now considered his best work, so Tyler is not too off here.

  • kellz

    funny how Mariah Carey is Nicki Minaj’s favorite artist but Mariah can’t stand her

  • epaldi

    Relapse was brilliant, people are forgetting how lyrically amazing it was because the accent was annoying. Beats were also fire. Em displayed some of the most hardcore shit he ever put out (Stay Wide Awake, Deja Vu, Elevator, Insane, My Darling, Underground and more). I also find the concept to be really refreshing and interesting, it was really something different, yet again – the accent made the record less fun listening to.

  • Ian Romaker

    Hahahaha dude youre on crack MMLP2 is garbage. Nowhere near Em’s best whatsoever. You shouldn’t even be allowed to listen to Eminem if you think MMLP2 is his best work.

  • @MickeyKnox

    That’s not what I was trying to say…I feel like you. MMLP2 is bullish the point I was trying to get across was people say Relapse was his worse so…how is MMLp2 is his best? I personally don’t think either is his best.

  • Tony


    I think he says that every single day man
    Eminem is his favorite rapper.. but your headline and whole article is about favorite artists not rappers. seriously that’s probably the most basic piece of information about tyler.

  • SongbirdTEG

    I believe Kanye has actually said in an interview that his favorite album is Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde.

  • Prince Gumball

    That explains why it’s in the article

  • Fela Cutie

    Kanye said his favorite artist right now is James Blake.

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