Rock This Way: Rap-Rock Songs That Don’t Suck



The very combination of words forces some listeners to recoil in horror, with visions of tasteless backwards baseball caps and echoing sounds of detuned basses haunting the halls of their minds. As with most things that eventually spoil, rap-rock began with good intentions: Combine two of popular music's most vital, youthful, and consistently inventive genres to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. While this concept spawned the hit (Run-D.M.C. and Aerosmtih's "Walk This Way") that truly spurred rap into the mainstream spotlight, it is also responsible for some of the more heinous collaborations and acts of the last three decades, misguided forays into genre-blending that disregard a simple fact: Sometimes great tastes don't taste great together.

Of course, there are always examples that defy expectation, particularly in the case of rap-rock where an abundance of songs remind us that it doesn't have to be about detuned guitars and screaming (even though in doses those elements can be great). This list is by no mean comprehensive, but it does feature some of rap-rock's cream of the crop–a collection of songs that make the most of their cross-genre ancestry. Enjoy.

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  • Bosh

    Rock Superstar – Cypress Hill

  • JoeyFatass

    How does anything involving Coldplay not suck?

  • NerdyDillinger

    This is actually a great article with great examples of the efforts to blend two seemingly opposite genres of music. Sometimes done well, other times not so much, but still a valiant effort to create something different not offered by any one genre.

    I would add Brooklyn hybrid metal group Candiria to this list. Though it wasn’t so much about blending rap & rock into a single song, they pushed the boundaries by incorporating Hip Hop rhythms into metal/hardcore territory, while also managing to sneak in jazz and rap influences.

    Candiria – Pull :

  • Semi Automatic PEZ

    P.O.S. Is Ruining My Life, Terrorish, Half Cocked Concepts, or any of the other rock/punk-tinged tracks from Audition or Never Better.

  • davidskatesfast

    body count-ice T

  • Dissected Misist

    I fail to see how this doesn’t suck

  • Sandcaster Silverstar

    Faith No More – Epic. One of the very best rap rock songs, or Rollin’ – Limp Bizkit.

  • deaththrashdoom

    Sir-Mix-A-Lot and Metal Church-Iron Man


    Every Death Grips album should be on this

  • KennenSie Tatz

    Busta Rhymes Ft. Ozzy Osbourne – This means war!!

  • Ce

    Missing Stuck Mojo in there…

  • Vic Rattlehead

    jon tanners you are a retard, your list sucks, there are other songs that actually have rock elements, some of your chosen songs dont even have a guitar or a bass.

  • slayerisgod

    Wrong! Anything with Coldplay in it sucks! They rank right up there with U2, Nickelback, and other shitty rock bands.

  • xyz

    Can someone tell me why people hate Coldplay? I think they’re awesome. Can somebody tell me what seems to be the problem with them. Cuz I have yet to find something that bothers me about them or Chris Martin.

  • Daniel Rautenbach

    They completely sold out I think. They had such a nice sound in their Parachutes / Rush of Blood To The Head era but then with like Paradise they just hopped on the EDM shit .. in 50 years when people look back at them they’re gonna laugh at all their new stuff

  • therealfolkbruce

    It’s missing “World Destruction” by Afrika Bambataa and John Lydon.

  • Jackson Plumpton

    the wyld… omg love them!!! :)

  • egrandhustle

    Death Grips-Guillotine.

    *Kanye listens in, ‘Now why didn’t I think of that melody?’*

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