Grimes Ethered a Vegan Purist on Tumblr Last Night



Over the years, Grimes has made it clear from things like her tour rider that she’s a health-conscious consumer passionate about food ethics. And she’s a vegan. But most of us have a guilty pleasure or two that might contradict our personal beliefs and, for Grimes, that is Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Last night on Tumblr, the eccentric artist posted a picture of herself holding a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Scotchy Scotch Scotch and expressed her excitement over the new Anchorman 2-themed flavor saying, “1 day hiatus from veganism is being had starting NOw.”

But one of her Tumblr followers lashed out at Grimes for indulging in the ice cream, saying:

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 12.31.28 PM

To which Grimes eloquently ethered the vegan purist by explaining at-length her belief in a more relaxed vegan way of life:

this is something i was anticipating and have been meaning to address for a long time:

Part of the reason I posted the ben and jerry’s thing is because I like to encourage people towards a type of veganism that is inviting and accepting.  For the longest time I was vegan but I just wouldn’t say I was because of the bad reputation of veganism.  most of the vegans i know are dogmatic assholes, and it completely turns people off.

I believe more people would be drawn to having more ethical diets if they didn’t feel bullied to do so, or if they felt they were entering a welcoming community.

My brand of veganism is one wherein if your grandparents have no idea what you are talking about then you eat their beef stew rather than upset or confuse them.  or if you really want to have cake with an egg in it on the holidays then you have that rather than just not being a vegan because you don’t want to give up occasionally having something that you love.

Ben and Jerrys is the only brand of ice cream i ever eat.  their cows are treated ethically and beyond that they put a ton of money into researching green hydrocarbon freezers that would use alternative refrigerants which (unlike current freezer gases) do not contribute to global warming.  they’re also working on a bunch of other initiatives like using completely renewable materials in packaging.

this comment is why no one wants to be vegan.  unlike this dude, i would like to fully encourage everyone to be vegan rather than scare them away.  I love being vegan.  my skin is better, i have more energy, i feel really healthy and i get sick way less than i used too and I’m not contributing to factory farming.   that said, I also occasionally enjoy things i used to eat because it makes me feel good and i am less discouraged about not eating those things the rest of the time.


“Dogmatic asshole” vegans: 0 Grimes: 1


  • poli-sy

    I respect her calm reply and her explanation, but she’s not vegan if she eats ice cream and cake with eggs, etc., even if just occasionally.

  • batmayne

    Wow, what a vegan.

  • Richard Evans

    what she should be doing rather than this vegan bollocks!


  • oh.

  • Luke Haessler

    who cares

  • Isiah

    And…Richard just made it weird for everybody.

  • CreamCrimson

    Grimes 1, Veganazi 0.

    Game over.

  • penda

    richard always knows just what to say

  • haaaan


  • larae_is_bored

    I’m not a vegan, but let’s call a spade a spade: neither is Grimes. It would be a lot easier for everyone if she didn’t try and lie to herself calling what she considers to be a vegan when by definition, it is not. Nobody would have given her shit if she just told the truth from the start, at most she has vegan-like tendencies but wants to call herself a vegan because it’s “cool”.

  • Lonelyspeck

    Veganism is probably one of the most important ethical stances someone can take, and I strongly believe it should be encouraged *even if* you have the occasional indulgence or slip-up, because you’re still doing way more for the cause than a non-vegan. And besides, animal products are unavoidably in fucking everything. Unless you grow 100% of your own food, you’re going to be indirectly supporting the meat or dairy industry in some way.

  • Kstarrr13

    She can eat what she wants and be whatever she wants. Choose your battles people…

  • lynnistia

    I am not a vegan because as a species we are supposed to eat meat and we need vitamins to survive that do not come from plants. There are ways to eat meat and be ethical to both the animal and the environment. I would never press my beliefs to those that are vegan, but I would advise to do your research on health and to see that eliminating all animal based foods out of your diet can cause long term harm especially for women. This is why I love farmers like Joel Stalatin because he is very ethical and believes in the honoring the pig and cow that gives its life so we may live. I also encourage all people to check out especially if you are a vegan since you will need to find other supplements since you are missing out on critical vitamins and minerals from not eating food from animal sources. This one is a key article –

  • n

    if we’re looking at “vegan” as a classification then it doesn’t matter at all. grimes obviously doesn’t think it’s cool to be vegan, she just said she told people she wasn’t because of the reputation. can you even read? the only people that it matters to are other people who think it’s cool to be vegan. it’s far more convenient to tell people she’s vegan because it’s what she does 99.999% of the time. that’s still a 99.999% of her possible contribution to animal welfare via veganism. it’s about animal welfare not labeling people.

  • john

    it matters to the english language that she not call herself a vegan, Im happy she does not eat meat often, but words have meaning.

    Also it is kinda patronizing to actual vegans. For the most part most vegans and vegetarians are not rude like the commenter, but they get hassled anyway. they do not choose to hide it when convenient. I mean If you cant come out to your family who can you? I can sympathize with someone who is an actual vegan and sacrifices and has to get through a whole bunch of awkwardness every thanksgiving or at his girlfriends family dinner, then this “vegan” to the left is spooning down friggin beef. i mean live and let live, but i think its a natural and normal human feeling. It is also worth mentioning that there is value even in vocal and “annoying” vegans and vegetarians. Progress cannot always follow a polite path.

    at the end of the day its about the animals so i am all for this girl, but she is not even a vegetarian. can we call her a conscientious eater and call it a day?

  • Hari Iyer

    sorry, but I’m afraid you are misinformed. With planning a vegan lifestyle can be nutritionally complete and is a viable option for most people. Please read up on human nutritional requirements, on metabolic chemistry, and then on the chemical composition of various animal vs plant foods. Once you have the relevant information and you separate yourself from emotional rhetoric of the animal industry, you’ll probably make the same conclusion as Kaiser Permanente recently did, urging all their physicians to recommend plant-based (vegan) diets to their patients:

  • Hari Iyer

    especially with your tax dollars – sad to think but every tax paying american in supporting factory farming and torture, even if vegan. I remember reading that every time a person buys a big mac, the american tax payer is paying $8 in hidden costs (mostly subsidies, but also the hidden cost of environmental damage and healthcare). The US is extremely backwards in this respect. Fortunately the animal food industry is slowly dying, and hopefully its only a matter of time before the govt decides it’s not worth pumping billions into it annually to keep it alive

  • Chris Bridges

    I eat meat. So fuck you all first. Second, my family has raised slaughter animals for my whole life. That being said do you think a shark is not gonna eat you? What about a wolf? The answer is yes, they will both eat you, and if it comes to my survival so will I. What you stupid fucktard vegans don’t realize is that no matter how you dress it up humans are at the top of the food chain, and we are designed to be omnivorous, if we weren’t supposed to eat meat we would have flat teeth and an extra stomach for digesting a diet of pure roughage. I bet you are the same people who throw paint on people’s fur coats, now the animal has completely died in vain. Oh and i eat the whole animal, i even make stock from the bones. One day you too will have to learn how to survive off the land like people where i am from were taught how to at an early age. So when you have to cook a meal over a fire we will see how long yoh stick to tofu and bean curds.

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