Gucci Mane Rapping Over Boards of Canada’s Experimental Production Is Hazy Brilliance



Gucci Mane has not been having a great time of things recently, what with the epic Twitter rant and current incarceration, but Soundcloud user “caddybay” has put the focus back on the rapper’s idiosyncratic, far-out lyricism today by sharing a homemade Gucci Mane vs. Boards of Canada mixtape. Just coming up with the idea of pairing Gucci with the Scottish experimental electronic duo is pretty fantastic, but the whole 45-minute tape is very well done, with great song selection throughout, and clips of news reports and interviews with Gucci tying it all together. This is Gucci Mane doing cloud rap, and it’s brilliant.

Listen below, and download here.


  • darbaculture
  • Koala

    Lmao at the slug on this post: “gucci-mane-rapping-boards-canadas-experimental-ambient-production-incredible”

  • TroyBrownTV

    In a way I think this the key to Gucci reclaiming the popularity he had at his height. You have to continue to experiment with new sounds. Everybody talks about the southern hip hop sound but thye don’t realize the sound has evolved from Geto Boys, to UGK, to Cash Money, to Lil Jon, to Ludacris, to Lil Wayne to T Pain to 2 Chainz, etc. Wacka is taking it into left field and more people need to find their proverbial left field and take the sound there also.

  • penda

    yeah I would definitely be down for an actual Gucci/Boards of Canada collaboration or really any interesting change in his production. Endless identical mixtape raps can only stay interesting for so long.

  • wtf

    This is vandalism. Good job burying good music underneath a layer of garbage. I didn’t think it would be possible to so effectively fuck up boards of canada. Is this supposed to be a joke?

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