Help This Guy Find His Long-Lost Song



Just now, I got an email from a guy. It read:

I’ve been looking for years a song I heard on MTV in the 90s from an indie band. The clip was passing a trio of rock / indie. The videoclip was in black and white in a snowy environment. I remember the guitarist wore a crown made of paper and bassist also was the vocalist.

I recorded a piece of music. I sing and play badly, but you can get an idea of the melody voice and guitar.

Can you help me find this song please?

So, Pigeons & Planes readers, this is where you come in. Listen to the recording below and try to think back to any snowy black-and-white videos made by ’90s indie rock bands. Let’s help this guy find his long-lost song. For added incentive, we’ll send a Pigeons & Planes t-shirt to the first person who figures it out.

  • Sam Dixon

    damn just went on a 45 minute google/youtube/itunes spree with no luck… someone out there has to help this man!

  • Tripleplatinum

    Man this guy made up the song and video. It doesn’t exist.

  • Davi

    It does exist! I swear!

  • Davi

    I’ve been doing this for almost two years, mate! Thanks for helping!

  • joel

    Davi, since you sang the song you must know the lyrics no?

    could you share those?

  • jus†in †aylor

    they do exist!

  • Davi

    I don’t know the lyrics…just moaning something close to what I belive to be closer from what the lyrics should sound like, but those are not the real lyrics…. I’m sorry!

  • Davi


  • Davi

    This song is really an underground indie rock band. They had this video clip on MTV. I have watched a few times. The bassist was using a Rickenbacker bass, and the guitarrist was a fender stratocaster and had a crown made of paper. Most of the video is the trio playing live with crowd and walking in the snow. The vídeo is black&white and was released close to 1994/1995. It’s rare stuff and really hard to find. Only the person who has a awesome memory and immense knowledge of this kind of music might find… I’ve been searching for a long time.

  • Davi

    There you go! A friend from youtube found it:

    The name of the band is Pond, and the song is Spot.

    Thanks a lot for Pigeons and Planes. You guys are awesome!

  • LES

    Cool post, glad you finally found the song Davi.

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