Introducing: MaryGold, The First Lady of Curren$y’s Jet Life Recordings


MaryGold is the first female artist on Curren$y’s Jet Life label, but if you’re expecting some laid back stoner rap, prepare yourself for a surprise. The New Orleans native describes herself as a “nudist, cunt, and tree hugger” and after a look at her visuals for “Prayer,” that description makes beautiful sense. On “Grand Theft,” oozing brass, screwed vocals, and MaryGold’s nonchalant delivery come together for hypnotizing results.

About MaryGold, Curren$y explains, “Mary….man, she’s just another level. I can’t describe MaryGold to you, I have to show you Mary Gold.”

MaryGold’s mixtape, Sex Hormone’d Druggie, is set to drop tomorrow, November 7. Listen to “Grand Theft” below.

Watch the trailer for MaryGold’s new mixtape below:

  • Anonymus

    I think this hoe is so weak

  • Ren Da God

    u should think less

  • Tavaris M Johnson

    I like her checked her out at HOB on the first I’ma mess with her tape tomorrow.

  • Devin Middleton

    very unique sound. Her project will be an interesting listen.

  • GeorgeWhittiker

    very hot!

  • Steven

    Nice Dark Smoky beat & her vocals are dope

  • Slauta

    Im so proud of you Mary Gold, you’re doing it!

  • DirtyGlam

    Super unique & fresh. It’s almost like Erykah Badu and Macy Gray had a baby.

  • Chris Ramsey

    im not even gonna lie like she look cool but she sound like a fat bitch. she got a humongous bitch aura. its what i call a mungo. bitch is mentally mungo. she lucky she got a metabolism too. 300 pound bitches jealous of her metabolism cuz thats the only thing differentiating each other.

  • Dan

    Saw her at HOB. Pretentious, try-hard, overly strange. I fuck with stuff thats different but this shit was just shameful. No room for this kind of Artist these days, if you can call her that.

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