The Questions People Really Want Kanye West to Answer in Interviews


Kanye West has been doing a lot of interviews, but most of the time it ends up being something of a one-way conversation. Kanye’s got a lot of things to get off his chest and issues to address, but there are plenty of other topics that fans are wondering about, and they want answers. @TeamKanyeDaily started the hashtag #AskKanyeNewQuestionsInYourInterviews and fans went to work. Here are the questions that fans really want the answers to.

What questions would you ask Kanye?

  • Crunch

    “Has being a father changed you?”
    smh. wow, nice question there. wonder what the answer will be

  • TopBananas

    Classic. The question about his public image now w/ Kim vs the other chicks is too much. that n^gga can’t handle that one. damn good question.

  • Bloedig

    Has being a self involved, arrogant Douche Bag been fun so far? If not, when do you see yourself being a normal human?

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