Lorde Has Signed a $2.5 Million Deal with Songs Music Publishing

Lorde with Songs president and head of A&R Ron Perry and Songs founder/CEO Matt Pincus (Image via Billboard)

Lorde with Songs president and head of A&R Ron Perry and Songs founder/CEO Matt Pincus (Image via Billboard)

Only a few days after her 17th birthday, Lorde has officially signed with Songs Music Publishing after a lengthy bidding war between major labels like Sony and Universal. The deal, which was announced earlier this evening, includes The Love Club EP, her recent album, Pure Heroine, and all future recordings. CEO and founder of Songs, Matt Pincus, is “incredibly proud to be [Lorde’s] publisher,” which comes as no surprise, as “[they] think she’s a once-in-a-generation type artist.” Oh, and what did the young Lorde make from the deal? A cool $2.5 million. Best birthday ever.



  • fase

    she got ripped off. welcome to the music biz.

  • cmonson


  • Anus McDouche

    you think she could’ve gotten a better deal? (serious question)

  • Thulu

    When you think about it.. Having a nr. 1 single in the us and all that.. And the album not being shit… Yeah.. She should have anyway.

  • Devin Middleton

    We don’t know the percentagr she takes royalty wise. She may have gotten a fair deal if that was only her advance

  • cruz

    Guaranteed she got a great deal on royalties not to mention 1000% artistic freedom. Something tells me she’ll be juuuust fine $2.5 Mil or $2.50

  • Erik

    Haha she has officially gave away her soul. Welcome to the music industry Lorde!

  • utter shit

    i completely agree this deal is shit

    it sounds like a lot but thats just an advance on guaranteed income that’s already been generated by royals and is in the pipeline waiting to be paid

    whether she is at standard splits or not which would be between 70/30 to 80/20, what is absolute shit here is the last little note ALL FUTURE RECORDINGS

    this is the shittest of shit

    2.5 mil for all future recordings????

    there are deals done for way way more than this that last three or four years

    not to mention the fact that a retention period in this case basically does not factor in since she’s signed to them forever

    as a songwriter and the type of performer that lorde is, your publishing is often times your main source of income for your entire existence on planet earth, nobody makes ANYTHING off of record sales anymore….mercy – a bit, touring tons for some types and decent for other types of artists, publishing TONS for pop artists

    normally an artist that has had a successful career gets to sell their catalog when they get older and are outside of the retention periods they were locked into. For some, these deals can be worth anything from 5, 7, 10 mil depending on the body of work and thats just to sell the catalog to one of the majors.

    however, what this may be a reflection of is how much of royals she actually wrote and owned as a writer, because that song did WAY WAY more than 2.5 mil on publishing. The spins it has should put it more around 5-6 mil at least….

    to put it in perspective Florida’s Whistle did 6 mil in 7 months worldwide, and royals got smashed waaaaaay harder across top 40 (which is the highest paying format in radio based on station listenership)

    also to put this in perspective i know another person who had a britney cut, a maroon 5 cut, and a couple other major label album cuts and got 7 mil upfront advance

    shit i know a guy who had a Backstreet Boys ALBUM CUT that got offered close to a mil (terrible old guy comeback album not killing it in life ruling the world young album)

    no matter how you slice it this deal is kinda shit, 2.5 mil sounds like a lot, but its not when you never ever ever get to sign another publishing deal as a writer for the rest of your life and you just turned 17…..that is…..unless you’re not a writer….

    Which is yet again cancelled out by the fact that these days even non-writers get standard obligatory splits on songs (eg. Beyonce’s standard 33%) so even they can sign publishing deals cause its big money….


    even if you’re not a writer


    still shit

    BTW artistic freedom doesn’t factor into publishing deals kid, a publisher is not your label 2.5 mil isn’t as much as it sounds

    (to burst your bubble Cruz you better hope for her sake she does conform on the next record or she will land in indie Was Hot land with Feist, Gotye, Foster the People and anybody else you were listening to for the month they were big to make the masses feel like hipsters in the gym in between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift)


    Average life expectancy in the US for females 2013 = 81

    Age of Lorde = 17

    Years to reach life expectancy = 64

    Advance Lorde received = 2,500,000

    2,500,000 divided by 64 years =

    39,062 dollars and 50 cents each year

    obviously she will have other income and what not but worst case scenario she goes the way of many artists and never has another track hit at radio again, that’s it dude…looking at you yearly salary from your art by the time you hit your mid twenties and everything else dries up.

    and that’s if you didn’t get turned out in the end and buy the maybach, the jet plane, or the tiger (safe to say there’s no gold leash in this scenario)

    in case you got this far


    rant over

  • ItsParkerBitch

    I believe what she does with this 2.5 mill will determine her longevity in the industry. Because her music is locked into the deal doesn’t mean she’s “stuck as an artist” With the creativity and talent she’s already shown she’ll just continue to blow us away, and now with the additional 2.5mill to put towards more talent and creativity in her works. She’ll do just fine and get much better. If I had 2.5 mill to sign her to a record deal I’d do just the same. They saw her potential, and wasted no time or money. Congratulations Lorde! :)

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