Behind the Mask: Decoding The Most Obscure MF DOOM References


By Graham Corrigan & Brendan Klinkenberg

DOOM is a character. Although he's clearly a strange and entertaining guy, that's also meant literally; the rapper has been playing a very dedicated role for the past two decades. Often, he takes the concept of being hip-hop's anonymous villain to extreme conclusions, sending out imposters at shows and never breaking character. It's what makes him one of hip-hop's most compelling artists, but the strange, invented backstory is only half of what makes DOOM a cult figure, and it would be for nothing if he wasn't as talented a rapper as he is.


Possibly the most compelling aspect to DOOM's music is the reference-heavy style. Granted, he's got one of the most dense, compelling flows of all time and a career working with a few of hip-hop's greatest producers, but it's his allusions that add an entire new dimension to the music. They're bizarre tidbits that, more than anything else in his music, give a sense of what the man behind the mask is like.

DOOM's best lines require some research, so we compiled and decoded some of his most obscure references.

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  • doombot718

    Krill lit winters? You really think he’s talking about plankton in Antarctica you moron!!

  • X

    Not being a troll, seriously asking: what is he talking about?

  • fu

    isnt king geedorah those aliens from that movie but there not aliens they actually come from earth n are controlled by the government

  • Muhammad Lewis

    Krill(s) is a street name for crack bruh. Lol

  • ieng

    wouldn’t be surprised, it is DOOM after all…

  • TroyBrownTV

    I’m not that big on MF Doom. I just never got into him. What I’ve heard from his isn’t bad tho. But I just haven’t looked into his catalogue. But his following is crazy and the dude is truly impacting people. His followers and fans are very passionate about his work.

  • Design Mongrel

    He is the first artist that broke me into the underground hip-hop scene back in highschool (’06 graduate). I didn’t even know such a genre existed and when I discovered his music, I would use it to take a break from the mainstream shit, with Madvillainy to be exact. Changed my musical preferences forever.

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