Introducing: A 19-Year-Old Memphis Rapper Named 21

Image via 21

Image via 21

If you’re going to rap over Kendrick Lamar’s “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe,” you better do something with it. 19-year-old Memphis rapper goes by the name 21, and he doesn’t have a mixtape out yet. He moved outside of Memphis to West Memphis, Arkansas and as of right now, his “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” freestyle only has 37 plays on it. But the shit is impressive. With a confident Southern drawl that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Goodie Mob track, 21 sounds relaxed but precise, the way Kendrick and André 3000 sound when the rappers’ vocals are effortlessly outshining whatever production lies under them.

Listen to 21’s “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” freestyle below, along with another freestyle, and look out for his mixtape, The Warning, coming soon.

  • Raymond Frederick

    he looks lame tho

  • mike

    This kid is GOOD!! I really want someone to challenge kendog

  • Z. Hughes Ent.

    Thank you guys so much for finding these “diamonds in the rough.” PigNPlanes slowly becoming my favorite music blog.

  • Kaapooow

    Looks lame? He as a very legit ‘choppers behind him!

  • Bucky Henry

    flow reminds me of andre3stacks

  • swingem

    how yall find this nigga? he had songs up for 3 days and yall got a picture and shit. i cant find nothin on this nigga and im from his hood….where his twitter at? ….industry plant and shit? lol

  • Jarred Morriss

    It;s incredible how do you find these people- He’s wicked, but I mean my soundcloud has more followers than his- And I’m 13- I really pray you find my one some time LOOL

  • Jarred Morriss

    Infact, I’d hate to be a spammer, but anyone reading this if they wouldn’t mind LOOOL

  • JayThibs

    Yeah, keep doing posts like these, their great.

  • Confusion

    Hahha he emailed. Had to ask for a pic and for background because he had nothing out there.

  • TroyBrownTV

    21 reminds me of Andre 3000. Its like spoken word on a hip hop beat. His voice is made for rap. I don’t associate this type of delivery with Memphis rap. I love the direction the music and the culture is going. Cats bringing originality and not sounding how they’re “supposed to sound”. Hip hop is in a new golden era.

  • physiks_VA

    what does looks have to do with spitting some good lyrics

  • jjjj

    am i the only person who can hear that he’s completely off beat? his voice and tone are dope but his delivery is TOTALLY wrong

  • thomas

    If y’all at Pnp are looking for more “diamonds” check this, one track up on soundcloud and its dope.

  • b-b-ba-bacon
  • Justin Duke Anoi Wilkerson

    ikr i was like wtf…i mean hes tight but O mega off beat

  • Dontarius Jacobs


  • Steven


  • Grant

    21 and Wade Wallace collab coming soon

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