Michael Christmas – “Kunishi”

Image via Michael Christmas on Instagram

Image via Michael Christmas on Instagram

If you hand me a dollar to save my life, I’ma spend it/I probably couldn’t point to my appendix

Boston rapper Michael Christmas‘ latest single “Kunishi” continues his recent slew of sarcastic regular guy rap songs, humorously poking holes in a formula and style that has spawned some of the more boring recent rappers. “Kunishi” a bit sharper than predecessors “Daily” and “Michael Cera” (thanks in part to its sparse, clanging beat), a celebration of Christmas’ ignorance that actually affirms his acute awareness through its amusing array of pop culture references and dense rhymes–sophisticated ignorant rap, perhaps.

Stream to “Kunishi” below and download it here.

  • Kwaku

    I hope you’ve given his mixtape, FUCK AN EP, cuz the shit is gold. Systems of Control is my track

  • http://soundcloud.com/mulherinmusic Mulherin.

    This guy is awesome..not many people are posting about this guy

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