Musicians Who Are More Interesting Than Their Music


Sometimes, the easiest way to get someone interested in a musician is to have a good story. With the amount of competition out there, a narrative with a hook is enough to give you a head start. If a listener is given the choice between an band from Brooklyn or a band that wrote their entire record in a cave in the Himalayas, they’re probably going to pick the one with the more interesting story. Some artists, though, are just so interesting that, however good their music is, their persona ends up being more interesting. It’s a weird side-effect that’s happening more and more lately, so we decided to pick some examples of musicians who are more interesting than their music itself.

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  • Charlie

    Honestly, Tyler, the Creator/ the majority of Odd Future belongs on this list. Incredibly entertaining, but frequently musically lackluster.

  • damn homie

    Really? I thought Wolf was really really good. And the mellowhigh album was good too. But I sorta get what u mea about them being more entertaining than the music.

  • Michael

    Riff Raff is another. I personally do not listen to his music but his youtube videos are outrageous. Music is garbage but he is a funny funny human being.

  • Charlie

    For Tyler specifically, I think about half of every album is good and the rest is very mediocre. Considering the amount of attention he receives, I think it qualifies him as overrated. But I do agree that there is always a great track or two on all of his albums.

  • AndrewMartinPIMB

    Harry Nilsson has a few phenomenal albums but he also has a great story, so I can’t argue there.

  • dickosfortuna

    I don’t which is more interesting in this case:

  • Lydia Simmons

    Couldn’t agree more with Willis Earl Beal. I feel guilty not liking his music, because I like his story so much. But fuck that…make better music, homeboy.

  • Jeremy K

    He even considers himself a mediocre rapper, but his beats are always fantastic. His videos as well, but I think he could fit on this list for sure. I don’t really think his music is “lacking” quite, but I see where you’re coming from.

  • up2themoment

    I love this article. I love it because it’s not anything I would have ever expected. The idea that artists can be interesting WITHOUT their music is spot on. I would never consider spinning Lil B on the regular but I’m always curious about his followers and whenever I see him in the news, I read about it.

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