Slaughter Beach – “Spinning Globes”

Image via Slaughter Beach on Soundcloud

Image via Slaughter Beach on Soundcloud

New music from Northern Europe this week as Danish trio Slaughter Beach has released “Spinning Globes.” It’s a follow-up to their “Made-Up True Love” debut, just the second track to reach the Internet. Slaughter Beach is just beginning to stretch their wings—their Soundcloud claims the band working on more material, but if the next round of music sounds anything like their first two tracks, there’s no need to rush.

Slaughter Beach draws on rock influences like Beach House, Girls, MGMT, and The Strokes to create a sound that expands upon today’s prevailing sounds and brings a little grunginess back into the fold. Spaced-out vocals and crackling guitars overlay countless riffs with incredible sticking power. Stream “Spinning Globes” below and give their debut “Made-Up True Love” a try afterwards.

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