Songs to Cure Your Seasonal Depression


With signs of summer fading into the distance and winter rearing its ugly head, the effects of seasonal depression are taking hold. It's harder to wake up in the morning. Moving as little as possible is the goal of most days. Instead of eating proper meals, you're just chugging gravy and whiskey. Laughing is painful and when you smile, the skin on your face starts to flake off. The tips of your fingers are numb so you are more clumsy than usual, constantly spilling gravy on your nice winter sweaters. Everything sucks.

During the winter, a lot of people listen to dark, cold music. Sometimes matching your music to your mood is a good move, but sometimes you need to break the cycle. Lonely, sad songs are not going to help your seasonal depression. If you really want to get through winter without sinking to deeply into the darkness and drowning yourself in gravy and whiskey, you need some songs that are going to cheer you up.

No matter how you feel going into this music, you'll be in a better mood coming out. Here are some songs to get you through your seasonal depression.

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