The Hottest Songs in Foreign Countries (According to Spotify)


The notion of the "hottest" songs in the world is a bit of a slippery one. Obviously, sales have served for years as a quick barometer of a song's popularity, but as alternative methods of listening and consumption arise, sales have become an increasingly faulty metric for determining ubiquity.

While Spotify doesn't provide a complete picture, it is an increasingly important component of determining not only how many people are listening to certain songs, but also how rapidly songs are spreading. A few months ago, Spotify began publishing two charts, the Spotify 50—a cut and dry count of the most played songs on the platform in a given week—and the Viral 50—a ranking determined by taking the number of people who shared a song socially and dividing it by the number of people who listened to the song. As ever, it's an imperfect method for determining "heat" (particularly because the app isn't available in a lot of countries that are big music consumers like South Korea, India, and Japan), but we're using Spotify as our guide to determine what the hottest songs are in the world right now–as you might imagine, the names Lorde, Eminem, and Katy Perry come up frequently, but there are also some small surprises (particularly on the Viral charts).

The following lists printed above the Spotify embeds are accurate through the week ending 11/17 (the last time these charts were updated). Check them out.

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  • penda

    fuckin avicii

  • guestwho

    fuck spotify, shit isnt available in my country

  • TroyBrownTV

    I need to get up on spotify. I’ve never used it. I don’t use Pandora or any music services like that honestly. I just seek out new music on my own. Maybe I’m out dated *shrugs*

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