Introducing: Sway Clarke II

swayclarkrekre Introducing: Sway Clarke II

Image via Sway Clarke

Sway Clarke II has written for other musicians in the United States, Canada, and Germany. It’s a nice gig, and the Toronto songwriter, now based in Berlin, is good at it. One listen to “I Don’t Need Much” and you can hear that this is a dude who knows how to craft a top-grade song. Imagine Bruno Mars singing it. Imagine Frank Ocean singing it. The song is so well-written that with a few tweaks, it could be molded to fit a lot of different styles and could easily find itself being a major label single.

But Sway Clarke II didn’t want to give up “I Don’t Need Much.” This is his song, and he’s singing it. He turned down the opportunity to sell it and decided to make this his introduction.¬†With an unforgettable melody and an ode to the simple things in life, meet Sway Clarke II and hear “I Don’t Need Much.”