Things You Didn’t Know About M.I.A.


When faced with adversity, some people shell up. They retreat into silence or complacency. Adversity wins. This is not how M.I.A. has dealt with adversity.

Throughout her life, M.I.A. has experienced violence, political unrest, instability in her family life and surroundings, and very public controversy. This hasn't kept her quiet, though. With her music, her art, and her sense of style, M.I.A. has been the opposite of silent. Her music is loud, her art is loud, her style is loud, and she always makes sure that her voice is heard, even when it gets her in trouble. Instead of shelling up, M.I.A. is exploding with color, expression, and life. She's filtered her complicated past through one of the most imaginative creative minds in modern music, and it's made her one of the most interesting artists of our time.

To celebrate M.I.A's new album, Matangi, and her continuing contributions to art and music, here are things you didn't know about M.I.A.

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