Watch James Blake Make Himself Sound Like a Gospel Choir


Last night James Blake performed at Terminal 5 in New York City, bringing his new album in to the live setting, as well as playing well-loved songs from his self-titled debut and bringing out some older cuts like “CMYK” (which in the UK is a definite crowd favorite, but here didn’t quite get the reaction it deserved). At the end of his hugely impressive set, Blake came back onstage alone for the encore, and played an absolutely beautiful, incredibly moving, stripped-back version of “Measurements,” looping his voice multiple times to stunning effect.

Watch Blake’s encore of “Measurements” above, and go to his live show if you ever have any chance to.

  • Charlie

    In case anyone is wondering why the crowd is so quiet, James Blake asks the crowd to be quiet before he plays ‘Measurements.’

  • Constant Gardner

    And it is a beautiful silence

  • ThatLondonFella


  • max

    He did the same tonight. At the beginning, someone shout out loud. So he stopped playind and said : “that’s even more complicated to explain in a non english speaking country”. And he started again.

  • Edgardo Ávila

    just stupid and simple as fuck. at the end of the video I was like -oh! this could be awesome!!!! but it’s repetitive and boring.

  • max

    epic troll !

  • lefick

    most creative artist

  • Okay

    The reason he needs everyone to be quiet is cuz he’s looping his vocals live so if someone yells or something those sounds will be recorded and loop. So that’s why people have to be quiet.. Oh and James Blake is Awesome!

  • mirateck

    I saw James Blake perform at T5 earlier this year. I got there late so ended up on the 3rd floor right next to the main speaker array. Much to my dismay, he was using backing tracks for much of his set. It was based on a previous live performance (so as to sound convincing), which was particularly interesting (read: disheartening) because there were ambient crowd cheers in the backing track. The ambient cheers through the speakers actually prompted people in teh live audience to respond, since all assumed that it was happening real time. A damn shame, since he is so good live.

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