Watch a Man Propose to His Girlfriend During a Rap Battle


Is this the most romantic thing ever to happen during a rap battle? Probably. Comments on the YouTube clip aren’t all positive, though. The comments section includes: “I’m no expert but isn’t this more of a spoken word?” and “This sounds less like rap and more like they’re reciting a soliloquy from Shakespeare. Pure garbage. At least the guy had fun proposing in a creative way” and “Wow, who actually gets married nowadays?” Here’s what the proposing British rapper, Adam Felman, had to say:

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 1.34.44 AM

(Don’t Flop Entertainment)

  • Dom McLennon


  • TroyBrownTV

    Props to this dude. That was a dope ass proposal. That’s how it should be done. Plus he schemed “Wiil you marry me” for about 12 solid bars which was also dope. Perfectly done. And with that, the other dude he was battling automatically loses lmao

  • Gmoney

    They’re saying it isn’t rap? Have they never heard of loaded lux?

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