Watch An Unreleased Kanye West Interview With MTV From 2002


Two camps exist when the name Kanye West comes up. One camp justifies all of Kanye’s questionable behavior, standing by his every move. The other dismisses Kanye altogether as a pompous, overly-assured idiot. But after watching this unreleased interview with MTV from 2002, the two camps may at least be able to agree on the fact that Kanye really worked hard to get where he is.

The clip captures a giddy, upbeat, ambitious producer who just worked really hard and was excited about what he was doing. Regardless of his style, his level of influence on the industry, or how successful he is then compared to now, though, his passion for his work has never waned. It only goes to show that hard work always pays off. You go, Kanye West. Watch the interview above.

Image via BuzzFeed

Image via BuzzFeed



  • TroyBrownTV

    Hearing this dude talk about passion is refreshing. So many people get in the game for money. And all the interviews are about “What ELSE are you doing other than rap?” Cats are more worried about marketing schemes than loving the craft. Everybody wants to be the richest rapper but nobody wants to be the best rapper. It’s been like that for about 15 years. But some guys are exceptions to the rule like Kanye. Dude truly believes in art. Salute.

  • some guy

    And now he’s transcending genres :)

  • Fela Cutie

    does he have the GOOD Music cherub around his neck?

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