25 Rare Pictures of a Young Eminem

With Complex dropping its ’90s-themed Eminem cover story yesterday and the rapper releasing his throwback, rap-for-the-sake-of-rap album the Marshall Mathers LP 2 today, we’re feeling a bit nostalgic. So we collected some rare photos of the ‘rap God’ from back in his Soul Intent days, his time with Kim, his early years of fatherhood, and so much more.


  • Heisenberg

    I have more, I have more…

  • talhah

    Hes gone through so much, so much respect for him

  • http://barsandtone.bandcamp.com/ Sean Blake


  • Thulu

    Dat ‘Batman Sucks’ tee though…

  • Samantha Chandler

    Love Marshall Mathers III <3 Eminem .. Big Respect, I can relate to so much of his music <3 & yea, I'm a woman ;') #Recovery #Life #Love #Respect