10 Free Songs You Should Download Right Now


Every Sunday we collect the best free music we can find and put it all in one place. If you fell behind or just feel like building up your iTunes, we've got you covered. Enjoy.

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  • T. Hakeem

    Has the slideshow got a bug, or is it just Firefox? None of the next links (or Shift-> shortcut) are working… can’t get past the cover page.

  • noahcaufield

    omg treetop express just became my new favorite thing in the world

  • Com_Truise

    Do you have the Ghostery App running? Or any other Anti-Tracking, Add-Block App. That sometimes deactivates slideshows and stuff.

  • Max

    It does not work in Chrome at all; i have ad-block plus installed.

  • Max

    download link for rapper by lil silk?

  • Drake Murphy

    Awesome record

  • Ayotunde Afolabi

    Ahh, that’s probably it. I have Ad-Block Plus installed. I’ll pause it and give a try. Ghostery might be another good one to have actually lol!

  • Ayotunde Afolabi

    Works perfectly now. Much appreciated. You know of any app that can run without interferring with slideshows/galleries etc.?

  • Ayotunde Afolabi

    @Com_Truise:disqus just helped me out. Pause Ad Block and it works perfectly :D

  • Com_Truise

    No biggie.

    Unfortunately, not that I know of.

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