Australian Music You Should Know


By Constant Gardner, Confusion, & Gus Turner

Three of Australia's top-earning music acts of all time are AC/DC, The Wiggles, and Kylie Minogue. It's a telling sign—an indicator of the country's diverse musical soundscape and success in different scenes. From punk rock to country, the Aussies have it all, and from Perth to Brisbane, the music communities have been making plenty of noise worth hearing. In the past years, we've noticed more and more excellent new music coming from Australia, and we decided it's time to gather it all in one place. From trippy rock and experimental R&B to ambient pop and bluesy soul, here is some Australian music you should know.

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  • craig_ps

    In Ghost Colours was Cut Copy’s second album. Their debut was Bright Like Neon Love, released in 2004.

  • Constant Gardner

    Well spotted. Fixed now, thanks.

  • busycp

    Saskwatch and Naysayer and Gilsun are a two artists that that I think are missing from this list. Check them out!

  • Clatchphrases

    Spin-off article with NZ Artists???

  • Mich

    don’t forget matt corby!

  • Kordian Kuczma

    In Australia (namely Brisbane) there is also very energetic promising electro-band called…Pigeon :) Check them out!

  • BB

    what a varied list! As an aussie I haven’t heard of half these artists, whilst the other half are somewhat “iconic” in Australia. I think some fresh acts making names for themselves would be Mitzi, RUFUS, DZ Deathrays, Big Scary, Pnau…but the list might go on for days then.

  • Mr G

    Some great artists there, but how on earth did you not make room for The Presets? Seriously, have you not listened to Apocalypso or Pacifica?
    Not to mention Pnau, Miami Horror and Bag Raiders…. but seriously, you need The Presets in that list!!!

  • Constant Gardner

    TRUUUUU. that was a big miss. Apocalypso is a sick album. I never actually listened to Pacifica tho – is it as good?

  • Constant Gardner

    TRUUUUU. that was a big miss. Apocalypso is a sick album. I never actually listened to Pacifica tho – is it as good?

  • Constant Gardner

    We did in mid-2012:

    But might be time to do a new feature soon. Are you from NZ? Got any good suggestions?!

  • Naavej Nayaran Nordlaw

    I am pretty sure they are attempting to introduce people to new Ozzy acts. The Presets, Pnau and Miam Horror have been getting regoniton for a while now.

  • Mr G

    I can see a lot of them are new acts, but it isn’t specifically headlined as new acts – and certainly not when you have Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Cut Copy and The Avalanches in the list (who all certainly deserve to be there).

  • Mr G

    Pacifica I would say is not as good as Apocalypso, for me that is an absolutely amazing album (even though against the grain, My People is one of my least favourite tracks). Pacifica took a few listens, but I really like it now. The album makes you yearn to hear the tracks live, you can feel the simmering energy that just can’t be released on a studio track. So while it is a great, well-produced album, Apocalypso is naturally, intuitively brilliant.

    Oh and one more – The Jezabels. Beautiful voice without forced pretention on the album Prisoner. OK. I’ll stop sounding like I’m crapping all over the list, it is pretty good! ;)

  • Constant Gardner

    Nah, it’s always good to hear suggestions. A list of 25 obviously can’t include everyone who is good! I’ll check out Pacifica tho. And the Jezabels. thx

  • Big Ghost

    Ey Constant, why delete my comment? Or is the truth a bit too much to handle?

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