Awesome Christmas Songs That Aren’t Actually Christmas Songs


By Philip Cosores

By now, you are likely to be pretty sick of the traditional holiday songs, and with a few notable exceptions, like the Mariah Carey or Waitresses modern classics, the songs speak more to tradition than to any real world lyrical applications. We like Christmas tunes because we have always known them, and if your experience is of a different holiday tradition, there is a good chance that you have your own songs to associate with the period around the Winter Solstice.

This time of year sees us inundated with Christmas standards, so we've taken it on ourselves to illuminate some music that's a little less traditional, but nonetheless connected to this holiday period. These songs aren’t specifically designed to be holiday songs, but due to their lyrical content or arrangements, have some sort of tangential relationship to this time of year. From a more extensive list, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites, so try slipping some of these in to the family's playlist and see if they notice. It might make this musically trying time a little more bearable, or at least a little more amusing.

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  • Devlin Brush

    My own personal addition to this list, mainly for one lyric:
    “The world that you need is wrapped in gold silver sleeves, left beneath Christmas trees in the snow”

  • Philip Cosores

    Good one! I didn’t think of that one, but there are certainly more. Holocene is one that I don’t think even has lyrical cues, but just sounds like December. Might be wrong there.

  • akMontufar

    Julian Casablancas’ “I Wish It Was Christmas Today” is one of my personal faves. Good list!

  • Philip Cosores


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