Beyoncé – “***Flawless (Madeaux Remix)”


See, Confusion, I <3 Beyoncé too.

The other day, when I saw Confusion drafting Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love” video, I was less than impressed. The song starts off mighty promising, with those Middle Eastern vibes and 808-heavy beat giving way to a sensual verse which explodes into a real gem of a chorus. But Bey’s semi-rapping, surfboard, swervin’, sibilance filled verse that follows, and Jay’s useless, Ike and Turner referencing rap ruin the song for me.

Anyway, one of our favorite rising producers Madeaux has turned “***Flawless” into a multi-colored, trap-influenced (but nonetheless refined) party starter. Check out Madeaux’s recent EP with vocalist Safra Nikoto here. Listen to the remix below.

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  • PigsAndPlans

    That Beyonce verse is ***amazing

  • TroyBrownTV

    This is a hot remix. I’m not a big Beyonce fan and I don’t really know her music outside of what is played on radio. I like most of the singles she drops. This is dope.

  • Jamie

    I really like this remix when I am in the right mood however, shldve left out some of the bow down lines out, made me feel like it really stole from what Beyonce really meant by this song, but I’m partial to the original, beats better in the remix, but the message is lost

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