Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck Collaborated on a “Hey Joe” Cover

Image via Elektra

Image via Elektra

Charlotte Gainsbourg is born from greatness. She’s the daughter of legendary French performer Serge Gainsbourg, and following in the footsteps of old Dad, Gainsbourg has a few weapons at her disposal. She’s a two-tool player, both actress and musician. She also waterskis. Gainsbourg put out her third studio album, the Beck-produced IRM, in 2010. The two have reunited to cover “Hey Joe.”

The cover comes in supports of Gainsbourg’s latest acting venture, the lead role in Lars von Trier’s twisted-as-always Nymphomaniac. Von Trier and Gainsbourg go way back to the Antichrist, but rarely has Gainsbourg brought her singing career into promotion for the silver screen. She brings two things to the cover that Hendrix never could: lilting, breathy vocals that fill the room like a fog and a subterranean string section. Beck pops in for some backup harmonies and together the two prove that modern music remembers how to find the blues.

Stream “Hey Joe” below, then watch the NSFW trailer for von Trier’s NSFW Nymphomaniac.

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