Childish Gambino Shares The Screenplay That Accompanies His New Album



Childish Gambino has been talking about having an unconventional rollout for his new album Because the Internet, and so far that has included a multimedia exhibition at Rough Trade NYC, and various cryptic Tweets about “roscoe’s wetsuit.” This latest piece of the puzzle, however, sees Donald Glover really taking things to the next level, as he’s shared a screenplay that accompanies the album. It includes videos as well as instructions to play certain songs at certain points, and opens by noting that the short film Clapping For The Wrong Reasons acts as a prelude and provides context to this new screenplay.

Because The Internet officially drops on December 10, but is available to stream now (click here).

Read the full screenplay which accompanies the album here, and use the code at the top to unlock and watch the video for “The Worst Guys,” featuring Chance The Rapper, here. Below are the Tweets which introduced the script.

UPDATE: Watch the video for “The Worst Guys,” featuring Chance The Rapper, below. The password is: 12.10.13SIXTY


  • koko

    theres a password for the movie Dx

  • Isiah


  • r2b2


  • Dflo

    how do you watch it with the password?

  • Mr. Lighto

    Anywhere else to watch it?
    It’s private now!

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