Delayed Ol’ Dirty Bastard Documentary Now Available to Stream Online

Image via Tumblr

Image via Tumblr

Good news for Shaolin masters everywhere today: the documentary profiling the late great Ol’ Dirty Bastard is finally available to the public. Legal disputes had delayed the release of the film until now. O.D.B.’s estate had issued a cease and desist letter that resulted in a canceled screening in Brooklyn last month.

O.D.B.’s widow, Icelene Jones, addressed the dispute in an interview with HipHopDX: “I’m the administrator [of ODB’s estate] and the only authority to give anyone permission to do anything like this—any likeness, any music. They need to come to me. I’m so available. I’m accessible. I’m easy to contact. I just want to make that understood. I’m a nice person. It’s just that people are doing things without my knowledge.”

The New Hollywood Online Film Festival, the film’s distributors, came to an agreement with Jones after showing her the film. Dirty: Platinum Edition is now available to stream online. Packages range from $5.99 to $9.99 and include a download of the Wu-Tang Clan’s New Wu Generation album. The film was directed by O.D.B.’s cousin, Raison Allah.

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    lemme know when someone finds a free stream. not tryna pay for it

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