Justin Bieber ft. Chance The Rapper – “Confident”


Here’s one collaboration we never thought we’d see. Both Chance The Rapper and Justin Bieber have been tweeting about this one, and now the song, which is part of Bieber’s Music Monday series, has arrived. Listen to “Confident” at the link below, or get the song on iTunes here.


(Miss Info)

  • penda

    incoming swarm of furious “real fans” with accusations of Chance “selling out”.

  • bow

    That song is dope & any real Chance The Rapper fan would be happy for the young nigga cause that’s a good look right there.

  • Dinosaur Brown

    just one listen is all i need… https://soundcloud.com/darnell-brown/sacrifices-prod-by-maserati honest hip hop

  • :(

    really tho chance, justin beiber? i guess it was a good career move..

  • thib

    lol i feel some type of way saying this is not bad at all huge chance fan so i had to checc it out… pretty good

  • Rob J Hyland Monks

    I feel the end is nigh….

  • ok_then_now

    Why do some people think this is a pop song, and yet others like me see it as a R&B/hip hop track with reggae beats? Bieber has been making dope R&B tracks the past 10 weeks. This yet another dope R&B track. Why shouldn’t Chance try R&B at least once? They both slayed it on this track.

  • Don Koh

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  • Don Koh

    Have hope bro! keep faith…

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