Justin Bieber Single-Handedly Ruins Christmas with Retirement Tweet


Growing up, there was only one character kids feared during the holidays: the Grinch. However today a new figure appeared from the Internet trenches to frighten children that could very likely rival the Grinch. Because when Justin Bieber tweeted earlier tonight that he was retiring, he, in less than 140 characters, ruined Christmas for millions for teenage girls around the world. I know. It’s terrifying. Shortly after he followed the tweet up with two posts that seem to support the fact his initial retirement tweet was a joke, but the impact of his words was not lost on the Belieber community. Here are just a handful of fans whose Christmas was ruined by Justin Bieber.

  • Jumi

    I legitimately not ok with this. Merry Christmas.

  • http://twitter.com/troybrowntv TroyBrownTV

    I’m sure he’s not really retiring. He’s probably just burned out and bored. If he steps back from touring, and music for a while he will want to come back. The monotony is getting to him.

  • Aaron Morphet

    Retracting his retirement tweet ruined mine

  • Aaron Morphet

    Retracting his retirement tweet ruined mine

  • PeterHazee

    It’s just a scheme, he ” will retire ” a year or two than KPOW new album and everybody goes bananaz cause he is back = more sales and more kiddo frenzy

  • Robert Gross-herndon

    Y’all ruined your own christmas by having your priorities all screwed up.

  • JBGay

    For real tho

  • Marshall Sampson


  • Essie

    wait. he was joking??? :(

  • ポケモントレーナー


  • http://franktorres.org/ Frank Torres

    It was brilliant marketing for his new movie which came out today. The face he’s managed to build this fan base is really impressive. He should use that power to help others, he could do a lot of good things.


  • Boob McRuxley

    The lad needs to accept that he can’t grow a moustache.

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