Kanye: “I made a new genre called Kanye West”


For his Chicago stops on the Yeezus tour, Kanye West stopped by Power 92 to sit down with DJ Pharris and continue his classic 2013 radio run. While this 26-minute interview is much more tame than others in the past, he does go on to make bold statements like being the No. 1 artist of the past 10 years and even creating an entire new self-titled genre with his music. He also speaks on the evolution of his influences from James Brown to Michael Jackson to Jay Z and also how the Motown era inspires him the most. Toward the end, he also stands by his infamous “I’ma let you finish” VMA Taylor Swift moment saying, “I still haven’t seen a better video than BeyoncĂ©’s ‘Single Ladies,’ and I’ve just seen 17 new BeyoncĂ© videos that I like.”

In addition to Power 92, Kanye jumped on air with Chicago’s WGCI 107.5 for 21 minutes to discuss DONDA’s creative vision in making the Yeezus tour, Sway’s “dumb ass” question, and how being a father influences his business mindset.

Watch his Power 92 interview above, and hear his WGCI 107.5 interview below.


  • This can be interpreted as pretentious and delusional, but in all honesty, Kanye West doesn’t stick to a style, he releases his music purely through what he feels like no artist I can think of. He is his own genre, but his willingness to vocalize this truth himself comes off as egotistical, regardless of the fact that nobody else will vocalize it.

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