Kanye West on Mandela Rumors: “I’d Like To Address The False Stories”



Kanye West has taken to Twitter today to address rumors and reports that he disrespected the late Nelson Mandela in a radio interview. This all stems from a fake interview published by satirical website Daily Currant on Friday, which included West saying he was “the next Nelson Mandela,” amongst other ridiculous statements. The fake interview wasn’t especially funny, and was pretty disrespectful coming so quickly on the heels of the great leader and campaigner’s death, but hey, that’s the internet for you.

Over the weekend, various people on Twitter thought the story was real, with the confusion reaching a high-point when major South African newspaper Times Live (over 141, 000 Twitter followers) picked up the story thinking it was real (their reaction has now been deleted).

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Here is Kanye’s response to the confusion, which he evidently thinks is part of a concerted effort by the media to discredit him, but really is the result of some internet tomfoolery and a pretty extreme fact-checking fail on the part a news writer somewhere.


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSZ55hEkxnM TopBananas

    this sh^t was all over my fb timeline and it’s ridiculous how people just ran with it, especially when literally a few days before there was the fake Paris Hilton tweet. I love ‘Ye and he says crazy sh^t that i can’t defend but there were lines in the quotes that should have made any rational person question the validity of it. no one cares to do the extra work and vet it and it’s sad. society has such disdain for certain people that they figure these things are true. and the most telling part of how fraudulent it all seemed was that he supposedly said his remarks on radio yet there’s no audio…WTF……….it’s almost 2014 people, that audio would have been the shot heard around the world. i mean f^ck, imagine if this dude was in the wrong place at the wrong time and caught a case, it’s a wrap

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