Kanye West on South Park: “My Girlfriend is Not A Hobbit”


Do you remember back in 2009 when South Park mocked Kanye West with the “gay fish” joke? Well they were back at it again last night, as Kanye returned to South Park, with the “Bound 2” video getting the comedy treatment as part of a longer joke about Kim Kardashian being a hobbit. It’s pretty damn hilarious, especially the final “hobbit trivia bitch” skit.

Watch some clips with Kanye in here, and check out the whole episode on the South Park website.

  • Kanye east

    Not Funny

  • Khoko

    I shudder to think adults watch this show.

  • jelly school

    Kenye east and khoko are just jelly haters

  • herbalist

    I suggest you watch this episode. Its not just about taking the piss out of the poor excuse for a human being that is Kanye West. It actually addresses the issues young women have to deal with in todays socitiey with regards to how men perceive them just as beauty objects.
    I have a 3 year old girl and I actually shed a tear at the end of this episode.

    “BOOM!!!! you just got lit up, Cuz…”

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